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Located in North Miami we are Florida’s #1 internet insurance agency.
We are the first to offer instant online quotes for Florida condo insurance.
We provide super fast Home insurance online quotes and respond to all your inquiries by email. Our clients vary from different counties to different countries around the world who own condo’s and homes in Florida.
We work with several insurance companies and try to fit you with the best company which will service your needs at the most affordable price.
Quality and performance is the key in providing Florida insurance.
Property insurance policies we provide vary from DP1, DP2, or DP3's. These are intended for non owner occupied only rented dwellings.
HO3 is an owner occupied even if it’s seasonal and provides the broadest amount of coverage. HO4 is a tenants policy to provide coverage for personal belongings as well as personal liability. HO6 is a Florida condo insurance policy which provides coverage only to the unit owners interest in the condominium. There is even an HO8, it is intended for older homes and provides less coverage than an HO3 insurance policy.
Florida rates have been pretty low for the past few years and are expected to be on the increase as most major insurance companies have moved out of this state and global warming is on the rise.
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